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The arrangement of the floats is not casual, after making physical studies related to body floating and behavior bathing suit while swimming, we found that the triangle formed pockets short “AX3” allows balancing the body in a static position and dynamic.

• CR 2.5 mm neoprene smooth skin

• 5 bolsilos for floating sheets (2 in front, 2 in the back and two in the lower back)

• 10 floating sheets of 1 mm each sheet.

• Possibility of combining different floating sheets depending on the goals they want to achieve at all times (up to 10 simultaneous sheets, 2 in each pocket for maximum flotation).

After conducting various studies flotation and with the maximum possible flotation, we can get 28.5% more buoyancy to the system AX3 SHORT ki-flot with a textile swimsuit. Thanks to its regulation we can adapt the Short according to our needs, and to understand it better, consider the following questions All we float like? Are all days have equally tired legs after different bike workouts or race? After conducting various studies rate the following results are obtained improvement over 25m.










Float blades are perfectly integrated to avoid turbulence and resistance during swimming, providing a perfect hydrodynamics. The best and the fastest swimmers are best technique have and it is better to work it at the right speed, it too fast (rubber bands pulling swimmers / as, fins, etc.) do not get assimilate technical pattern that then take the test. If we work technique with a slight increase in speed thanks to Short, improve our perception of perfect grip if you lose strength in traction. For triathletes who need to get the best performance in the water.

• Allows any technical exercise of arms or legs.

• Its main advantage lies in the assimilation of global transfers the correct technical execution. It is important to understand that upon movement of arms analytical and isolated form, to correct or improve the trajectory of the arm / hand strength, these exercises be treated better if we have a slight movement of legs. With the pull we can move slightly feet, but less efficiently, for three reasons:

to. We have to control not escape and causes some muscle tension in the legs and excessive floating in a single point, causing increased lumbar curvature and increasing muscle tension also in this area. It is more uncomfortable, especially in non experienced swimmers, such as triathletes coming from the world of athletics and / or cycling.

b. Back in Crol and does not allow the natural movement of the kick.

c. Technical transfers are better assimilate global movement, with AX3 can work without overburdening short legs with a slow and natural movement.

• If we do not overload your legs in the water and secure reservations for bicycle and / or career. This Short is ideal. We can train arms in the water more efficiently without overloading legs.

• To perform physical / technical training and pretend we wear full wetsuits, would have to enter all the sheets float and we can identify movement patterns (frequency and stroke length) simulating swimming in competitions where mandatory wetsuit.

• In winter the pool is not very comfortable to swim in full costume, too hot, the short AX3 would be the ideal replacement.

• Maintenance of movement patterns when we serires very intense.

• With flotations on the side every other, we can correct rolido with proper exercises


LEGTH 41 cm  43 cm 45 cm 47 cm 50 cm
WAIST 24/34 cm 28/38 cm 30/40 cm 32/44 cm 42/52 cm
HIPS 52/65 cm 65/75 cm 75/85 cm 85/95 cm 95/105 cm
FRONT RISE 15/16 cm 16/17 cm 17/18 cm 19/20 cm 21/22 cm
Peso 1 kg

XS, S, M, L, XL